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Sandblasting Services in Portland, OR, for a Superior Finish

Whether preparing a hard surface or restoring a metal feature, STB COATINGS will help you get the superior finish you want with a powerful blast of sand. Our sandblasting services in Portland, OR, have multiple applications, including paint and rust removal, cleaning, and surface preparation. Contact us to discuss your project and to get an estimate for abrasive blasting.

Rather than sanding a surface by hand—which could take hours or even days depending on the scope of the project—sandblasting lets you speed up the process and delivers better results. Your product will be primed for our coating services, ensuring a smooth, well-adhered finish you’ll be pleased to show off.

Sandblasting to Prepare for Hydrographics

Custom hydrographic requires a clean surface free of old paint, grime, and finishes, which is why it is so essential to sandblast before applications. Our technicians can transform just about any surface quickly and efficiently to prepare it for the graphics you require. We love to take worn surfaces that look dull and elevate them to another level with a smooth finish and custom hydrographic. Highlight your business, hobby, or team with a professional application that will last through the years and look fabulous no matter what life has in store.

Plasma Treatments

In addition to sandblasting, we offer surface plasma treatments that help create a clean surface for your design. Plasma treatments can alter the surface properties of a wide range of materials and prepare them for bonding, gluing, and painting. This method cleans and activates the surface, improving its adhesion characteristics and ensuring a more secure bond of the new material. The primary goal of sandblasting and plasma treatment is to strengthen cohesion and enhance the appearance and longevity of the hydrographic. Something as custom as our work requires a surface entirely free from flaws, and we have the tools to accomplish your goals.

How Sandblasting Works

Most sandblasters can be divided into two styles: chambers and mobile designs. Likewise, there are two different processes for sandblasting: suction/siphon systems and pressure blast systems. Regardless of the technical details, all sandblasting services utilize the same abrasive power of sand to strip away unwanted paint, rust, and more while also smoothing the surface.

Contact our team for complete details on the process we use and its various applications. We’ll be happy to explain how our sandblasting results in the superior finish we’re known for.

Sandblasting Services in Portland, OR, for a Superior Finish