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Cerakote Coatings in Portland, OR

We use high-quality Cerakote coatings for lasting gun and exhaust coatings, and our exhaust coatings can withstand tempatures up to 1800 degrees. We have an excellent selection of colors you can choose from.

Cerakote Coatings in Portland, OR

Exhaust Coating

Cerakote is useful in exhaust coating because it prevents heat from dissipating through the pipe and can lower the temperature under the hood of a vehicle. Keeping the gasses in the exhaust hotter also allows the exhaust to escape more quickly from the pipe, improving the efficiency of the vehicle. We offer Cerakote coatings in Portland, OR, that can also improve the look of your vehicle.

Gun Coatings

Temperature-resistant coats are especially effective as gun coatings. We use Cerakote in all gun coats, and they provide a much more attractive and efficient alternative to traditional bluing. We offer an excellent selection of colors you can choose from, and they can be applied to any gun. They add a great look to your weapon, protect it from heat, and are not reflective.

Cerakote Coating Coated Exhaust Cerakote Coated Piece