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Contact Us for Coating Services in Portland, OR

Imprint your unique designs on nearly any surface by turning to the team at STB Coatings. We offer several coating services in Portland, OR, to apply trendy graphics to your products and surfaces. We use the latest hydrographic technology to add clean and flawless designs to nearly any three-dimensional surface.

We also offer powder coating to add vibrant color to your metal surfaces and products. These coatings also help protect your products from rust, dirt, and other elements. So, contact us to learn more about our powder coating and hydrographic services or discuss the designs you want to add to your surfaces.

Preparing Your Materials

In addition to our coating and hydrographic solutions, we also offer some other services to clean up and prepare your surfaces. This includes sandblasting services to remove old paint and graphics from your products to prepare them for new pictures.

Additionally, we can prepare your surfaces for painting by using our professional-grade plasma treatments. These treatments ensure that paint or ink will adhere to the surface, extending the lifetime and durability of the color. We also offer other coating solutions, such as our Cerakote coating. To learn more about the treatments and coatings we offer for your products and surfaces, reach out to our office.

Answering Your Questions About Our Custom Coating Services

Our commitment to quality means we maintain an exceptional understanding of our services. We are happy to address common questions associated with our metal coating process, including:

How Long Will Powder Coat Last?

Powder coat is often more durable than baked-on coatings, lasting up to 20 years under regular use. It offers better protection against rust and corrosion and resists scratching, chipping, and chemical solvents.

What Can and Can’t Be Powder Coated?

Powder coating is best for parts made of an electrically conductive material that can withstand the 400-degree baking process. Industries and applications that require powder coating include automobiles, furniture, the military, and appliances.

Can You Powder Coat Over Existing Powder Coat?

The short answer is no. Although powder coating is pretty determined not to come off once applied, we would have to remove the existing coat to use a new one.

How is Powder Coating Removed?

Before curing, the powder coat will brush off. After curing, it takes sandblasting, grinding, or other mechanical means to remove it.

Although we work a lot with powder coating, our custom coating services don’t stop there. Call to discuss your project, including hydrographic, sandblasting, and Cerakote.

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