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Innovative Water Transfer Services in Portland, OR

Now you can print that eye-catching design you’ve always wanted on just about any surface. Call STB Coatings, and we’ll set you up with a trendy graphic using our water transfer services in Portland, OR. This process is the cutting edge of adding flair and style to just about any three-dimensional surface. Hydrographics give you the freedom to choose what you want and where you want it. Our process is clean, flawless, and straightforward, which means your design comes out looking sharp and will stand the test of time. Contact us to find out what graphics we have, and we’ll go over where you’d like to see the design. Using the latest in water transfer services, it’s as simple as giving us a call.

While you’re here, ask about our powder coatings. We can offer an unparalleled selection of colors to enhance the surface and lengthen the life of your metal project. Protect the surface of your shop equipment, give your steel table extra chrome or add personality to your ATV. Our powder coatings protect from rust, dirt, and all the other elements metal encounters. Give us a call, and we‘ll get started on protecting your investment.

Effective Solutions for Any Surface

While we’re best known for our Hydrographics and powder coating services, our facility has the range to transform virtually any surface. Our other solutions include plasma treatments and cerakote coatings. Talk to our team to find out which of our services is most suitable for your needs.

Our professional-grade plasma treatments ensure that paint or ink adheres to your surface and stays there. By treating your object with plasma prior to painting it, we enhance its surface for greater adhesion, extending the lifetime and durability of the paint. We recommend this for any items that will undergo extreme conditions, like vehicles, or anything that needs to maintain its vibrant colors for a long time, such as exterior signs and decorations.

Cerakote is a type of ceramic coating that’s most often used on vehicle exhausts and guns thanks to its high heat resistance. It withstands temperatures up to 18000 degrees Fahrenheit and even helps prevents heat from dissipating where it shouldn’t, improving efficiency. However, its uses aren’t limited to exhausts and weapons. It can be used on any metal products to give it a sleek, eye-catching look. Contact us today to learn more about all our available surface treatments and coatings.

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